Carbon Certification​

Version 2 of the Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Footprinting Protocol will be coming soon.

After 1 year of implementation with clients of all sizes from various sectors we have road-tested many of the methodologies and approaches of verification in the Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Footprinting Protocol.

Moreover, the evolution of the sustainability and Net Zero landscape has meant that some international standards and practices have been updated. The Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Footprinting Protocol adopts a theory of change mechanism which integrates all relevant international standards on an annual basis.

The latest version of the Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Footprinting Protocol will be fully updated to account for all developments in the last year.

Carbon Certification

Natural Carbon Solutions exists to bring real credibility and objectivity to Net Zero Carbon commitments. The carbon footprinting and offsetting landscape suffers from excess ambiguity and requires consistency, transparency and an increase in measurement quality. Natural Carbon Solutions certification has been established to certify carbon footprints and offsetting schemes, and uniquely integrates all of the major international standards and guidelines in one exemplary Protocol so that your footprinting and Net Zero strategy is best-in-class.  

Natural Carbon Solutions is the only certifier that offers publicly available technical guidance in the form of our comprehensive, industry-leading Protocols so that you have peace of mind and clarity with your Net Zero targets. The Protocols for buildings and events are the first of their kind, these sectors have either had no existing verification scheme or inadequate footprinting procedures until now. Our certification provides the most complete carbon measurement of any scheme, and all certifications go through the third-party verification process so you can build a dependable Net Zero roadmap in any sector with any size of company.  


Natural Carbon Solutions is the first UK Net Zero Certification available for buildings and events.  

Carbon Footprinting Certification

Certifying your carbon footprint is fundamental in achieving credibility and mandatory for reaching Net Zero. With each key milestone achieved on your Net Zero journey, Natural Carbon Solutions certification means you can celebrate and communicate progress along the way with all key stakeholders. Third-party certification minimises the risks of criticism and ambiguity in your sustainability and Net Zero strategy as you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate the third-party verified and robust measurement and carbon reduction you’ve taken to reach your targets.  

Natural Carbon Solutions is at the forefront of carbon footprinting certification and provides transparency with its detailed Footprinting Protocol, outlining exactly how all key milestones and certifications are achieved.

Our certification is available for Organisations, Buildings, Events or Products. Each journey will vary but each certification typically follows these key steps which are undertaken sequentially when undertaking the Net Zero pathway:

1. Carbon Measured – Complete carbon footprint measurement
2. Carbon Neutral – Reduction plan and carbon offsetting credits have offset emissions within your control (Scopes 1 & 2)
3. Lower Carbon – Achievement of all viable carbon reductions and a new status quo of lower carbon performance
4. Net Zero Carbon Committed – A Net Zero target has been set and annual reductions are being achieved (aligned with Science Based Targets initiative)
5. Net Zero Carbon – Achievement of carbon reductions in line with Science Based Targets initiative and procurement of carbon offsetting credits to offset all residual Scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions
6. Climate Positive – Going beyond carbon to achieve reductions in other environmental impacts and being an ambassador for climate solutions beyond your sphere of influence

Natural Carbon Solutions Labels

Certification Categories

The Natural Carbon Solutions certification scheme provides third-party verification of carbon footprints. 
Natural Carbon Solutions is a Science Based aligned protocol which uses best-practice international standards.


Certify your organisation's steps to Net Zero


The UK's first Net Zero certification scheme for buildings


Display your achievements with a carbon certification label


The only Net Zero certification of it's kind for events

Carbon Offsetting Certification

Natural Carbon Solutions certification verifies carbon offsetting projects
so that you are guaranteed accountability and longevity in your Net Zero commitments. 

Our Footprinting Protocol

For full transparency you can review our comprehensive, industry-leading protocol so that you have peace of mind and clarity with your Net Zero targets.

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