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Natural Carbon Solutions offers the UK’s first credible Net Zero Certification scheme for buildings. Every building is unique and has its own challenges when trying to reach Net Zero, our certification offers verification for each key milestone in Building Construction and Building Operation. The Building Construction certification places significant emphasis on reducing embodied carbon by an innovative system of third-party verification which utilises industry specialists to provide peer to peer design and construction advice.  The Building Operation certification promotes continual improvement and expert energy management to reduce operational emissions to the lowest levels. The certification system also offers a unique Net Zero Committed label which recognises developer’s efforts to design and construct a building that can achieve Net Zero on completion or when in use. This allows the market to identify leading developers who are striving for a sustainable built environment.  


Natural Carbon Solutions is the first UK Net Zero Certification available for buildings

Best Practice Standards

Our methodology incorporates all major industry standards including ISO 50001, CIBSE TM54, BS EN 15978, UKGBC Net Zero Framework and climate resilience principles. Your building project’s certification will demonstrate the highest levels of performance and quality. We provide detailed technical guidance for footprinting buildings in our Natural Carbon Solutions Footprinting Protocol. The Protocol is comprehensive, and the requirements and processes are transparent which takes built environment sustainability to a new level.

Vero Platform

Carbon measurement of a building is a notoriously subjective exercise with performance being heavily dependent on individual’s judgement, this is compounded by a chronic lack of high-quality data and procedural consistency. This results in many schools of thought and varying interpretations of quality. Natural Carbon Solutions has created the Vero Platform for building data collection and verification, providing consistency, clarity and maintaining one version of the truth.  

The Vero Platform enables a systematic approach to data handling and a proprietary approach to carbon reductions and prioritisation. The verification process can be tracked elementally by the user with comprehensive third-party verification providing constructive guidance for optimum results.  

The carbon footprint measurement and the associated data remain accessible to you and the interactive diagrams allow data analysis and examination of the various sources of your carbon footprint. The Vero Platform provides a step-change in carbon management and performance.  

Certification Categories


Certify your organisation's steps to Net Zero


Display your achievements with a carbon certification label


The only Net Zero certification of it's kind for events

Our Footprinting Protocol

For full transparency you can review our comprehensive, industry-leading protocol so that you have peace of mind and clarity with your Net Zero targets.

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