Event Certification

Natural Carbon Solutions Event Certification is the only scheme in the UK that verifies your event as being Net Zero. This can apply to a reoccurring event or a one-time occasion, the certification helps ensure credibility and avoid criticism in relation to an event’s Net Zero credentials. Our third-party verification process starts by a carbon review pre-event to determine emission projections and identify reduction opportunities. Real data is gathered during the event and the projected versus actual is reconciled. Once the event data has been verified the appropriate certification is then issued


Natural Carbon Solutions is the first UK Net Zero Certification available for events

Best Practice Standards

Our methodology incorporates international standards such as PAS2050, PAS2060, ISO 14064, and the GHG Protocol, and includes all upstream and downstream emissions sources for complete measurement. The certification system also offers a unique Net Zero Committed label which recognises the event’s efforts to strive for reduced carbon or even Net Zero. This allows the event organiser to showcase the event prior to its occurrence so consumers can identify an innovative event that is striving for sustainability. We provide detailed technical guidance for footprinting events in our Natural Carbon Solutions Footprinting Protocol. The Protocol is comprehensive, and the requirements and processes are transparent which takes event sustainability to a new level.  

Certification Categories


Certify your organisation's steps to Net Zero


Display your achievements with a carbon certification label


The UK's first Net Zero certification scheme for buildings

Our Footprinting Protocol

For full transparency you can review our comprehensive, industry-leading protocol so that you have peace of mind and clarity with your Net Zero targets.


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