Carbon Offsetting Certification

Offsetting is an essential component when aiming to achieve Carbon Neutral or Net Zero status. When you have maximised carbon reductions, offsetting initiatives can be introduced to ‘credit’ your residual emissions which will take you to ‘Net Zero’. Offset claims, however, can only be made under a set of rigorous guidelines and conditions.

Natural Carbon Solutions has established a carbon offsetting programme that ensures offset credits are of the highest quality and address climate change holistically. It is imperative that your selected offsetting schemes meet strict quality requirements; they must be genuinely sustainable, additional, permanent and not double counted. Natural Carbon Solutions certifies carbon offsetting projects so that you are guaranteed accuracy, transparency, and accountability in your Net Zero commitments.

The Natural Carbon Solutions Offsetting Protocol provides full disclosure on the rules and guidelines that govern this new generation of credible, premium quality credits so you understand exactly how they are generated and what you’re purchasing.

Carbon Credit Registry

The forthcoming Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Credit Registry is where validated and verified carbon credits can be found. The credits currently under development under Natural Carbon Solutions’ methodologies will be ‘removal’ credits; however, avoidance credits will be available in the future where the additionality requirements can be demonstrated unequivocally.

All Natural Carbon Solutions Credits are required to demonstrate additional co-benefits, the most prevalent being environmental co-benefits such as biodiversity, water use and socio-economic benefits that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Natural Carbon Solutions carbon credits are therefore premium-grade offsets that provide robust and dependable sustainable environmental and socio-economic outcomes. The Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Credit Registry will also provide transparency and full disclosure for to the credits generated, helping you understand the source and science behind the credits.

The Natural Carbon Solutions Carbon Credit Registry is currently being piloted with a small group of Project Developers and Project Owners. Public access to the registry will be provided once these carbon credits pilots are fully completed.

Integrated Crop Livestock Forest

Natural Carbon Solutions has established a pioneering protocol which utilises years of agricultural research in regenerative agriculture to generate carbon credits. This regenerative agricultural system is called Integrated Crop Livestock Forest (ICLF); this system integrates crops, livestock, and forest components in rotation, combination, or succession in the same land area. It has been successfully applied in recovering degraded lands, especially from poor livestock management practices, and provides benefits such as improved soil health, increased biodiversity, improved watersheds, improved crop yields, and extensive socio-economic benefits. The ICLF systems and their variations (Integrated Crop-Livestock, Integrated Livestock-Forest, and Integrated Crop-Forest systems) have an important role in tackling climate change; they have the potential to increase carbon removal/sequestration through soils and trees. These systems help landowners in transforming a once degraded and poorly managed land area into a healthier and economically viable system of sustainable farming, while addressing climate change. The Natural Carbon Solutions Offsetting Protocol provides detailed information on these systems and how carbon credits can be generated from them. Please contact for more information.

Our Protocols

For full transparency you can review our comprehensive, industry-leading protocols so that you have peace of mind and clarity with your Net Zero targets.


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